Japanese translation and interpreting

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Translation and interpretation of business, technical, IT, TPM, instruction manuals, sworn translations, on-site interpretation, co-ordination of large translation and interpreting projects



The fees differ according to the source and target language, the technique and the volume of the order.

The fee for one A-4 page of Japanese - Polish translation starts from 75 PLN (Polish VAT of 23% is added).

The fee for one hour of Japanese - Polish interpretation starts from 110 PLN (Polish VAT of 23% is added).

The actual translation and interpreting fees are based on the above fees.


The fees for the actual order processing are presented individually to the customer in response to the order inquiry form containing the detailed information on the order.

The actual translation fees may be lower if a long term interpretation order is placed or for big scale translation orders. Our regular customers may also enjoy Y-LINK priority fees.

The actual fees may be higher when quoted for express orders (below 3 days after the date of receiving an order) or in other cases when difficulties emerge in treating the order as standard.


Fees for translations are quoted for a normalized A-4 text page. We do not want to surprise our customers with unfair lowering the number of characters on the model page. 1800 character page (including spaces) is used as a standard (for reasons that are hard to comprehend for us some translation offers mention 1600, 1500, or even 1200 characters, including spaces).

Fees for interpretation are quoted for an hour of interpreter's work understood as the time when the interpreter is present on site and ready to work. It is possible to negotiate daily or weekly interpretation fees.

Sworn translation services are negotiated individually with the customer.

Fees for liaison interpretation services are also negotiated individually for an hour, a day, or a week. As a rule, the fees for liaison services are lower than standard interpretation fees.


It is expected that the customer covers the Y-LINK staff travelling, accommodation and lodgings, if necessary. We can suggest for the customer to cover the above fees on site or in the invoice issued by Y-LINK. In case of major orders we may suggest payment in advance for interpreter's expenses. It is also expected that the customer covers the insurance fees for Y-LINK interpreters working outside Poland.