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Translation and interpretation of business, technical, IT, TPM, instruction manuals, sworn translations, on-site interpretation, co-ordination of large translation and interpreting projects

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Who we are Who we are

We chose Japanese as our specialty mainly because we are convinced that translation and interpreting activities should not be performed by unqualified individuals. This is also the reason why we do not offer translation and interpreting into “all languages of the world”...

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How we work How we work

We are of the opinion that our staff must have sufficient predisposition to perform the translation or interpreting job specified by the customer. We accept inquiries on any Japanese translation and interpreting jobs but we never venture to undertake orders that are not possible for us to complete, either because we cannot assure a proper staff member, or because of time shortage.

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 We are Y-link 

Welcome to our Internet site.

If you looked for a Japanese translation and interpreting offer, here we are. Pleased to meet you, too.

We translate and interpret from and into Japanese. We deal with business, economy, technical, IT texts, and co-ordinate immediate business contacts with your Japanese partners. We translate instruction manuals and documentation. We also offer sworn translation services. We issue Polish VAT invoices.

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