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Translation and interpretation of business, technical, IT, TPM, instruction manuals, sworn translations, on-site interpretation, co-ordination of large translation and interpreting projects


The easiest way to contact us is by E-mail. It is by electronic mail that we receive information from our customers, materials related to current orders, and any other materials that do not require printed form.

For order inquiry, it is suggested that you fill the order inquiry form. The form collects all data necessary for processing your order.

Pleas use the below e-mail address if you wish to receive the information o­n Y-LINK that could not be found in our site.


Emergency phone number: +48 501 495-116.

Postal address: ul. Lotosowa 24, 60-175 Poznań, POLAND.

NIP: 779-194-62-36. REGON: 639575013.