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Translation and interpretation of business, technical, IT, TPM, instruction manuals, sworn translations, on-site interpretation, co-ordination of large translation and interpreting projects


Working with you on a daily basis in production plants and facilitating your business contacts, we are aware of cultural differences between Poland and Japan. We are of the opinion that these differences should not hinder contacts between partners. This conviction is fundamental to our mission.
To increase the awareness of issues related to intercultural communication and to make it smoother and more effective, Y-Link organizes trainings and lectures on Japanese and Polish culture and on cultural interpretation tools helpful in communicating between the Japanese and the Polish. This works!
Our trainings may be organized as lectures or workshops for workers.
Here are some example topics of the trainings we offer:

  1. Business and cultural communication.
  2. What is Asia? Asia and Japan. Poland and Asia.
  3. Japanese cultural identity – Japan and abroad.
  4. Polish and Japanese - mutual expectations and stereotypes.
  5. Most important similarities and differences in interaction between the Polish and the Japanese.
  6. Preventing and explaining misunderstandings in communication between the Polish and the Japanese.
  7. Cultural shock and its Polish-Japanese version.
  8. Japan as a vertical society.
  9. Important trifles in interactions between the Polish and the Japanese.
  10. Basic notions characteristic for Polish and Japanese culture.

Please contact us to arrange the training details.