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Translation and interpretation of business, technical, IT, TPM, instruction manuals, sworn translations, on-site interpretation, co-ordination of large translation and interpreting projects


The efficiency of a translation company is judged not o­nly by quantity of orders but also by number of customers willing to place the second order. A bad translation still remains a translation but o­ne cannot expect from the customer to be satisfied with it. From our part we have been trying to protect our customers from such dilemmas from the stage of our staff selection


We are physically located in Poland. Y-Link co-operates o­n a regular basis with Japanese translators and interpreters from Poznan, Cracow and Warsaw. We work in Poland and abroad. All members of our staff have at least M. A. majoring in Japanese studies and a vast experience in Japanese translation and interpreting activity. The mere fact of having graduated from M. A. course majoring in Japanese studies, however, is not considered a satisfactory proof of Japanese translation and interpreting skills - and it is not o­nly the question of our subjective judgment. If a customer is looking for a person to accompany a Japanese tourist travelling through a foreign country, the order may be handled with no problem by a Japanese language student with sufficient skills and predisposition, even if it is their first experience in Japanese interpreting job. The lower cost of such order may be an important advantage for the customer.


We are of the opinion that our staff must have sufficient predisposition to perform the translation or interpreting job specified by the customer. We accept inquiries o­n any Japanese translation and interpreting jobs but we never venture to undertake orders that are not possible for us to complete, either because we cannot assure a proper staff member, or because of time shortage. To give an example, we can probably issue at any time an offer for a hydraulic press or a forklift manual translation but to find an interpreter for the next day mitochondria genetics conference would probably constitute a little problem.


If we cannot assure the proper completion of an order, we do not hesitate to refuse. We consider it fair rather to inform a customer instantly that we cannot complete the order than to suggest an accidentally selected individual for it.


It is often equally important for our customers to have the translation made and to keep the confidential corporate information secret. We are aware that spoken declarations are not always sufficient when it comes to confidential data. It is a standard for our staff to sign a confidentiality clause ensuring that no information gathered through the translation and interpreting work is revealed to outside parties.


Our regular customers are always welcome. Long term co-operation always fosters better understanding of customer's needs and more effective service. In order to make our services even more satisfactory for our customers, we have made it possible for them to have the regular orders always managed by the same members of our staff.